K i aktion på Nordeas stämma!


Bolagsstämma för Nordea Sverige infiltrerades av slaktaren och kommunisten Karl Gustav Nilsson som från talarstolen passade på att säga några sanningens ord till de giriga aktieägarna och direktörerna.

Read the whole speech in english below.

At the annual meeting of shareholders of the Nordea bank in Stockholm, worker Karl Gustav from the Communist Party (Kommunistiska Partiet) took the opportunity to say a few words of truth…

”I’m what you might call a stranger in these surroundings. In my daily life I’m just a simple butcher. But I decided to take the day off today to visit this meeting, because I belive I’ve got a few words of truth to tell you CEO’s, shareholders and capitalists.

796 million euros, or 8 billion swedish crowns. Those were the profits made by the Nordea bank during the fourth quarter of last year.

If I’m not mistaken, that equals the amount of money the swedish government spends every year on dental care subsidies and improvements for the elderly.

And I think it’s a borderline parodyhearing the honorable nobleman here, von Koskull, talking about values and how to deal with financial crimes, because this Monday, and please do correct me if I’m wrong, the shareholders of Nordea will take out 27 billion swedish crowns in profit.

What I’m trying to say is that, for you, and please pardon my language, currency-swine like you, ladies and gentlemen, this is just petty cash. But keep in mind that someone like me, an ordinary honest swedish worker, will earn about one tenth of a half percent of this sum during my entire life. And that is, by the way, a life where I risk getting injured, mutilated or killed at work every single day, just to be able to provide for myself and for you.

Generally speaking, the average swedish worker is an honest person, a hard-working person, but all too often compliant, which, of course, this company takes great pleasure in. But then again, who doesn’t turn into a compliant person when he’s stuck in a financial bear trap, being dragged down by interest rates, mortgage payments and loans?

That’s something you can’t say about this crowd. You’re hardly stuck in financial traps, and honesty is scarce in this room.

Nordea lets criminals wash their dirty blood money in their bank while a gang war is raging in Malmö, but then again, all money’s equal in in the revenue calculation, am I right?

And speaking of criminals, it needs to be said that we probably have more than one tax evader in this room.

And of course, Nordea’s provided quite a bit of assistance to those. You were talking about that bank in Luxemburg before, that’s one fine example of such assistance. Nordea helped in starting up over 400 tax paradise companies for their richest clients. And we all know that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

But even with all the profits, all the wheeling and dealing, all the tax reliefs and all of the parasitic behavior, it’s enough for the government to just mention the possibility of a bank tax for you to start packing your bags.

And I suppose the moving van will be off to Helsinki any second now, despite this ”mosquito”. But I’ll bet my life that the next time there’s a bank crisis, and we all know it’ll come sooner or later, you’ll strut back to get rescued by our tax money.

Finally, I would just like to say that I think it’s stupid of you to think you’re safe where you are, because as, not the pope, but the german playwright and poet Bertold Brecht, said;

Certainty is not certain.
It will not stay the way it is.

When the rulers have already spoken
Then the ruled will start to speak.

Whoever is lost must fight back!
Whoever has recognized his condition—how can anyone stop him?
Because the vanquished of today will be tomorrow’s victors

Eh, to hell with you all. I’m off. Bye!